Ann Cunningham, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT 90583

 Life often takes us down a road that we never intended to travel.  Whether the outcome is due to our own choices or was forced upon us, I can help you search for answers, learn ways to cope and move toward understanding and finding your purpose.

Are you struggling with depression, self-esteem issues, perfectionistic tendencies or anxiety?  Have you experienced a traumatic event or suffered through years of emotionally traumatic experiences that have left you questioning life?  Do you desire help with relational, family or parenting issues?  Do you have feelings of abandonment from God or attachment issues from your family of origin?  Maybe your desire is for someone to listen and provide you with a safe and confidential environment to explore life’s issues?  Or maybe you are longing to move toward healing from the past and find hope for the future?  If your answer is yes to any of these or other questions, just call or email and make an appointment to see me.

My experience with helping people comes not only from my education, but from a lifetime of experiences, many of which are mentioned above.  I have learned life is a process.  I also believe I have been called not to waste any of the pain, difficult moments or seasons of life I have experienced, but instead, use them in ways to bring about change in the lives of individuals, couples, children and families.

I join with my clients in their journey, utilizing an integrative approach with a nonjudgemental, empathetic style of therapy.  My hope is to help my clients create goals while developing a caring therapeutic relationship moving clients toward healing and change.  My unique and directive approach in therapy allows clients to learn to connect on a level that can allow movement past many of the difficulties that brought them to counseling. Clients will be assured a safe environment to explore life’s issues, while moving toward healing from the past and hope for the future.

Interests in treatment include:

• Abuse Issues • Chronic Physical Pain Issues • Loss/Grief Counseling
• Addictions • Co-habitation • Marital/Sexual Issues
• Aging Issues • Depression • Post Abortion Counseling for Women and Men
• Blended / Step Families • Divorce/Remarriage/Relationship Issues • Pre-marital Counseling
• Childhood AD/HD, OCD • Eating Disorders • Trauma/PTSD/EMDR
• Child/Adolescent Counseling • Infertility Issues

Services Available

• Average cost per session $80 to $90
• Sliding scale is available, based on need

Contact Information

Ann Cunningham
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #90583
(916) 213-1835
9063 Foothills Blvd., Suite 4
Roseville, CA  95747